1 noun (U)
1 GOOD FORTUNE something good that happens by chance: have luck (with sth): Did you have any luck with the job application? | You're not having much luck today, are you? | Good luck!/Best of luck!: Good luck tomorrow in the exam! | wish sb luck: Tom wished me luck in the race and left.
2 CHANCE the way in which good or bad things happen to people by chance: There's no skill in roulette, it's all a matter of luck. | good/bad luck: We seem to have had a lot of bad luck lately. | sheer/pure luck: It was sheer luck you were there to help.
3 any luck? spoken used to ask someone if they have succeeded in doing something: "I phoned them about the car." "Any luck?" "Yes, it'll be ready on Tuesday."
4 do sth for luck to do something because you think it might bring you good luck: John always carried a rabbit's foot for luck.
5 be in luck to be able to do or get something, especially when you did not expect to: We're in luck - the train hasn't gone yet.
6 be out of luck to be prevented from getting or doing something by bad luck: I'm sorry, you're out of luck! I sold the last one this morning.
7 just my luck! spoken used to say that you are not surprised something bad has happened to you, because you are usually unlucky: He's married, is he? Just my luck!
8 no such luck! spoken used to say you are disappointed, because something good that could have happened did not happen: "Did you get a rise then?" "No such luck!"
9 with (any) luck/with a bit of luck spoken if things happen in the way that you want; hopefully: With any luck, there'll be some food left.
10 better luck next time! used to say that you hope someone will be more successful the next time they try to do something
11 good luck to sb spoken used to say that you do not mind what someone does, because it does not affect you and may help them: Well if she wants to go on her own, good luck to her, but I'm staying here.
12 luck is on sb's side if luck is on someone's side, things go well for them: Luck was on my side; all the traffic lights were green.
13 as luck would have it used to say that something happened by chance: As luck would have it, the bar was shut when we got there.
14 be down on your luck to have no money because you have had a lot of bad luck over a period of time: You really find out who your friends are when you're down on your luck!
15 the luck of the draw the result of chance rather than something you can control: You can't be sure of getting a ticket - it's all in the luck of the draw.
16 stroke of luck something very fortunate, happening by chance: What a stroke of luck, bumping into David in the street like that!
17 some people have all the luck! spoken used when someone else has got something that you would like: Rich parents as well? Some people have all the luck!
18 a run of bad luck a period of time when a lot of bad things happen to you
19 try/chance your luck to do something because you hope you will be successful, even though you know you may not be: The Hotel Europa was full, so we decided to try our luck elsewhere.
20 bad/hard/tough luck! spoken especially BrE used to express sympathy when something unpleasant has happened to someone: Oh bad luck! I'm sure you'll pass next time.
-compare tough luck tough 1 (7)
21 worse luck! BrE spoken unfortunately: I've got to work this Saturday, worse luck!
22 (one) for luck spoken used when you take or add something for no particular reason
23 trust to luck to hope that things will happen in the way that you want, even though you cannot control them: I decided to just apply for the job and trust to luck for the rest.
-see also: hard-luck story hard 1 (23), push your luck push 1 (10) 2 verb luck out phrasal verb (I) AmE informal to be lucky: Yeah, we really lucked out, got a parking space right in front. luckily /'lVkili/ adverb as a result of good luck: Luckily she can take a joke. | luckily for sb: Luckily for us, the rain held off all day.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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